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A Trading Tool Like Nothing You've Ever Used Before

Trade Unafraid executes your trade plan at the speed of software, with perfect precision. And without programming.

Welcome to Trading 2.0.

Today's Trading Tools are Outdated and Limiting

You brought an OCO to a gunfight

If you thought OCO/bracket orders were a useful addition to your trading arsenal, you’re not going to believe the trading weapons Trade Unafraid has got for you!

OCO: 1+1 = 1

Trade Unafraid: ∫√sin⁡θ

Today’s trading tools can be... limiting

All you want to do is exit a portion of your position while still maintaining a stop on the rest. But from your broker’s perspective, you would be trying to exit a quantity greater than you hold, so you can’t do it. You have to go reduce the quantity of your stop order, so that you can then enter a limit order to take some profit. All while the market is moving, sometimes very quickly. It’s stressful and risky.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a trading platform that works for you?

Trade Unafraid understands today’s trader. Conflicting exit orders? Selling more than you hold? Instantly overriding existing orders to take some profit? Option exits based on price of the underlying? Lightning-fast conditional orders? Unprecedented speed and agility? Trade on autopilot or take manual control? React at the speed of software rather than human reflexes? Trade Unafraid provides all of that and more.

This is Trading with an Edge

Personalized Automation

You are trading against algorithmic trading systems, whether you realize it or not. Trade Unafraid levels the playing field by providing you with the same speed and smarts, all configured to trade according to your specifications.

Perfect Discipline

Automated trading systems never make a mistake, never get attached to a trade, and never hesitate. Create a Trade Plan, and it will be executed precisely, without emotion. Of course, you always have the ability to adjust or override in real-time. Just don't violate your own rules.

Architected to give you an Edge

Trade Unafraid runs on your own server, located near the exchange. You set up your trades from your browser, but the actual trading is performed to maximize speed and minimize latency.

Dynamic Position Management

Your Trade Plan can consist of multiple tactics that a broker would reject, because they “contradict” each other. Trade Unafraid monitors stock price, option price, position quantity, position profit & loss (both realized and unrealized), and is able to place, change, or cancel orders instantly. 

Scalp with a scalpel, not a butter knife

Scalping is a great way to trade, but having the right tool makes all the difference. It’s easy to miss opportunities just by looking away from your screen. Sometimes moves go your way and quickly reverse; taking those profits can be very challenging when trading manually. Managing multiple limit orders to take profits along the way is awkward, stressful, and error-prone. Trade Unafraid gives you remarkably fast and powerful controls, and we’re just getting started. The best is yet to come.

Architected for Performance. And Convenience.

We create your own personal server, hosted in New York, close to the exchange. You are the only one using your server, to give you the fastest execution possible. You can set up your Trade Plans in your browser, shut down your home computer, and your server will continue to trade according to your plan.

Sophisticated, automated, unattended trading

Got the perfect setup? Going to a meeting? You can still trade that setup perfectly without being in front of the computer. Trigger your entry just how you want it. Manage your trade with limited risk and take profit according to your specifications. Trade Unafraid dynamically adjusts to changing market conditions in real-time, protecting your profit, adjusting your stops, all based on your personal preferences.

Clone yourself

Sometimes there are multiple opportunities happening at the same time. Right at the open, for example. You don’t have to choose just one to focus on. You can set up Trade Plans for several opportunities, be selective about which ones are entered, and know that they will all be managed precisely according to your specifications.

Stay single

You’ve heard it before. “Never get married to a trade.” But who hasn’t tied the knot? Who hasn’t made that unintended move from trader to investor because they failed to exit as planned? And then a small loss becomes a painful one. This is how traders blow up accounts. This is how traders stop being traders. Trade Unafraid is the perfect wingman, keeping you in the game by always following your plan without ever a moment of weakness. Perfect discipline keeping your losses small and manageable.

Versatility? Yeah, we got that

We are only getting started, but Trade Unafraid already has a huge variety of setups and tactics that can be configured to meet your trading desires. Setups include Bounce, Break, Bounce EMA, and multiple candle patterns. Setups can be filtered out (rejected) by either price or an EMA violating the first candle of your choice. Entry tactics following the trigger of a setup can be market order or a subsequent candle break. Position tactics allow for scaling in (averaging down) or adding to a winner. Exit tactics are too many to list here, but include multiple, instant limit orders to take profits, stops based on option price and/or underlying price, dynamic trailing based on candles, and green-to-red protection based on position P&L and/or price action. Every piece of this is configurable by you, included or not included based on your preferences, and you have the ability to add, remove, change, or manually override all of this during the trade. This list of capabilities will continue to grow.

Option selection criteria

Choosing the right option to trade can be a challenge. If you know which one you want, you can choose it. Or you can provide certain criteria like the spread as a percent of price, or spread in cents, or a certain min and max price. You can choose to trade one strike in the money or out of the money. You can choose your preferred expirations. You can automatically reject options expiring today. As price moves prior to your Trade Plan triggering, Trade Unafraid continues to monitor your preferences and track the statistics of options that meet your criteria. At the moment when your entry triggers, Trade Unafraid evaluates the price and spread history of all the options that meet your selection criteria, and enters the most favorable one that meets your criteria. Sometimes no options will meet your criteria, and Trade Unafraid will not enter the trade. That’s called dodging a bullet.

Smart market order

Thin markets can be dangerous markets. Have you ever placed a market order and been disgusted by your average fill price? If the best ask is 1.25 but there’s only one at that price, you might find that the rest of your contracts cost you 1.75 or more. That puts you in a pretty deep hole. Trade Unafraid manages market orders by examining bidsize and asksize to make sure you don’t fall into that hole. If the market is thin, Trade Unafraid sends the order as a limit order to protect you from bad fills.

Price improvement

Thanks to the speed of software, Trade Unafraid can be set up to “work” an order, attempting to get a fill inside of the spread to get you a better price. You can configure how aggressive you want to be about trying buy near the bid or sell near the ask, and how quickly you want to improve your price to get filled. These small improvements can add up over time.

Great value

When you consider the substantial trading benefits that Trade Unafraid provides, it is easy to see how it can pay for itself month after month, year after year. You can continue to use standard broker trading tools where an OCO bracket is the extent of innovative trade management. Or you can start using a 21st century trading platform that gives you a real edge.

No trading guru bats 1.000

Whether you trade on your own, or whether you are part of a service or a trading room, all trading involves losses. Profits are easy to manage. The question is how well you manage your losses. Are they small and tolerable, or are they devastating and career-ending? 

An advantage for traders at every level

For the new trader, Trade Unafraid gives you instant discipline and reduces your risk of blowing out your account. You will trade with the precision of a seasoned pro.

For the frustrated trader, Trade Unafraid allows you to take profits early and attempts to prevent winning trades from becoming losing trades.

For the successful trader, Trade Unafraid makes it possible to trade multiple positions at the same time, effectively cloning yourself to be two, three, four, even ten successful traders all trading on your behalf at the same time.


Trade Unafraid offers you

•Your own server

•Close to the exchanges

•1000x faster than a human




•Commission-free trading ($10 flat monthly fee)

Future plans

Trade Unafraid is an exciting, new product. As it matures, it will look very different in coming months. We’re going to add even more charts and graphics, refine the user interface, and add amazing new capabilities and features. Users who join us now will be first in line for new features and will always get the best discounts.

Your Questions Answered

What If I don’t have any experience?

You need some kind of strategy or outlook on the market, because you have to decide what you want to trade, under what circumstances, and what your profit and risk parameters are.

But even a very inexperienced trader can make use of Trade Unafraid to execute quickly and precisely. You can literally enter, manage, and exit a trade without touching your computer throughout.

What do I need to use Trade Unafraid?

You need an account at Tradier brokerage. Register through that link to get commission-free trading for a flat $10 per month.


You need a Trade Unafraid server (see button below).

You need a computer with any modern browser to connect to your personal Trade Unafraid server.

How much does this cost?

Your subscription to Trade Unafraid supports our on-going improvements to the product's user interface and powerful trading capabilities.  The subscription price is currently $295 per month or $2950 per year (a savings of $590 for the year).

Your Tradier brokerage fee is an additional $10 per month.

Where can I get training on how to use this?

There are already several blog posts at http://blogspot.tradeunafraid.com with more to come.

There are training videos at https://www.youtube.com/user/TradeUnafraid/videos with more to come.

We will be providing live training sessions in the very near future.

Do you have any guarantees?

Yes! Take a month and try us out. If you are not convinced that Trade Unafraid can pay for itself, contact us at [email protected] within the first 30 days, and we will refund your purchase.

In addition, you are free to cancel your subscription at any time.

How do I know this will work for me?

We use the same product you do. Our trades are posted on our blog and in our videos. Not every trade is a winner. That's the way it goes with trading.

What you can count on from us is an unwavering commitment to create the most innovative and effective trading platform available, as well as a very responsive dedication to fixing bugs and adding new, awesome features as quickly as possible.

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