The Trading Platform
for Busy People
Like You

TL;DR?Trade Unafraid is the best trading platform for you if you:

  • Trade while doing other things (like a job)

  • Scalp

  • Day trade

  • Trade options as a proxy for stock

  • Trade The Strat

  • Trade fast

  • Trade frequently

  • Trade price action

  • Pay too much in commissions, especially for options

  • Manage multiple positions

  • Trade ORBs

  • Trade longer time frames

  • Trade bounces off of EMAs

  • Struggle with discipline or trading psychology

  • Break your trading rules

  • Don't have a specific trading plan

  • Need to step away from an open trade

  • Miss trades that require patience

  • Need to increase or decrease your position quickly

  • Need more agility than you get from your current trading tools

  • Have ever been disappointed by a trailing stop

  • Have ever wished your trading software could do more for you

Why can't your trading software do this for you?

Automated Candle Trail

Does your stop loss just sit there, completely oblivious to price action?Or do you opt for the trailing stop that never seems to work out the way you had hoped?Why choose from these two undesirable exits when Trade Unafraid can give you a powerful, dynamic stop that makes sense based on price action?And if you're wondering if you can manage an option position based on the price action of the underlying, of course you can.This is one of the simplest tactics available in Trade Unafraid.

Ratchet Brackets

Your broker's OCO Bracket provides a crude form of risk:reward management. Trade Unafraid's dynamic, configurable Ratchet Brackets provide surgical, adaptive control as price moves.In this example, we see the first target hit, a partial profit taken, and the stop ratcheted up to breakeven. A second target is hit, more profit is taken, and the stop ratchets up even higher. The third target is narrowly missed, and the position is closed when the stop is hit.All of this happens automatically. It is completely configurable. And the trader has full control to manually override, modify, or cancel the entire tactic.Ratchet Brackets is one of over a dozen tactics built into Trade Unafraid.

Reduce Risk. Increase Profit.Intelligent Assistant for Day Traders

Solve Patience, Discipline, and Missed Opportunities With Ease

Monitor and trade the markets like never before

Sit back, relax, and watch your Trade Plan come to life.

  • Watch 10x More Simultaneously watch more charts so you miss fewer opportunities.

  • React Automatically When your configuration triggers, the software instantly takes the action you have specified.

Your own server running your own Trade Plans

We set you up with your own server, connected to your own brokerage account. You load up your Trade Plans on the symbols you choose, and they get executed according to your specifications.If your setup triggers, and if your filters confirm that all is to your liking, then the stock or option you specified will enter. You will get notified with a sound, email, and/or text message.At this point, your Trade Plan is in effect and can run fully automated. It will take profits as you configured, trailing and adjusting targets and stops according to price action.
You are free at any time to use the manual controls to change the configuration, add to or reduce your position manually, place manual orders, etc. You maintain full control without ever having to change open orders the way you have to with other trading platforms.

Customer support like you've never experienced

A team committed to making sure you have the best experience possible

  • Solution-Oriented We are committed to helping you in any way possible.

  • Responsive You will get the help you need.

  • Human You will never have to worry about a robot trying to answer your questions.

  • Community In addition to the Trade Unafraid team, there is a positive community of enthusiastic traders working together for everyone's success.

Creating a Trade Plan
in under a minute

You've probably heard Plan your trade, and trade your plan. And the old standard, Failing to plan is planning to fail.But rather than leaning on trite expressions, let's talk about the reality of trading.An OCO bracket (One-Cancels-Other) is not a trade plan, nor is risking R to make 2R or 3R. If the price makes it one tick away from your take-profit price and then falls away, are you going to accept the full loss?A Trade Unafraid Trade Plan is designed to handle any price movement and react in real-time. It's not the stone tools of an OCO bracket. It's the surgical precision of a suite of configurable components that you snap together to manage your trades precisely the way you desire.A Trade Plan is made up of a setup, setup filters, option selection criteria and filters, entry tactics, and exit tactics. Choose what you want, configure them how you want.Create your own reusable Trade Plans, sit back, and watch your plan do the work.Take manual control whenever you choose. The Trade Plan seamlessly adjusts.

Trade with More Control. And More Controls.

Automation Without Code

  • The Strat

  • Full time frame continuity

  • ORBs

  • Bounce off any EMA

  • Bounce or Break any price level

  • Bi-directional Trade Plans

  • Automate option selection

  • Dynamic Position Management

  • Candle trail

  • ATR trail

  • MFE retracement

  • Filter out unfavorable trades

  • Filter out wide option spreads

  • Filter by time of day

  • Price improvement

  • Repeating Trade Plans

  • Reusable Trade Plans

  • Share and import Trade Plans

Unheard of Manual Controls

  • Single click order entry

  • Add to position by quantity with a click

  • Add to position by percentage with a click

  • Reduce position by quantity with a click

  • Reduce position by percentage with a click

  • Take profit with a click

  • Flatten with a click

  • Click on chart to place target order

  • Click on chart to place stop

  • Override or move automated orders

  • Pause active tactics

  • Change tactic configuration

  • Add tactics on the fly

  • Cancel order with a click

  • View bid, ask, and last price action

  • View time and sales colored by aggression of buyers and sellers

Trade Unafraid vs Others

Side by side comparison with the most popular trading software

Order Type - Market
Order Type - Limit
Order Type - After-Hours
Order Type - Stop
Order Type - Trailing Stop
Order Type - OCO
Order Type - OTO
Automated candle trail    
Loss limit    
Candle reversal detection    
P&L reversal protection    
Automated target placement (based on desired gain, prior pivots, percent ATR, et al)    
Profit protection (automatically prevent a winner from becoming a loser)    
Options stops based on price of underlying (break of price, trailing stop, and others)    
Automated ratcheting brackets (take some profit, ratchet up the stop)    
Ultra-fast manual trading buttons without any manual change to existing orders    
Automated scaling in at multiple levels    
Automatic restart of a trade plan with configurable limits based on loss limits etc    

What's included?


Personal Server and Domain

You will receive your own private server and Trade Unafraid trading platform.This will grant you access to our Trade Plan Vault.Your system will get access to all software updates, as our platform is constantly evolving. We add new features at a rapid pace.


We Listen To You

You will gain access to the developers themselves. You can share feature requests, and we will listen. We want to make sure our customers are heard and satisfied with Trade Unafraid.


Connect With Pros

You will gain exclusive access to our Discord community which is filled with Trade Unafraid professionals. Collaborate with some of the most active, interesting, intelligent, upbeat, and curious traders in any trading community.


Live Interactive Training

In April, we will begin to have training sessions where you can learn about features, ask questions, even collaborate with the team and other traders on your own Trade Plans.


We Are Just Getting Started!

As feature-rich as Trade Unafraid already is, we are just getting started. There are so many things we will be adding in the weeks, months, and years to come.Every now and then, we will surprise you with something unexpected. That's about to happen with our soon-to-be-released analytics package (included for all subscribers).


Your Money Back

If you're not satisfied with Trade Unafraid, our stellar support, or your trading results, please let us know.We aim for 100% customer satisfaction.If we can't meet your needs, we don't deserve your money. We will refund your first month's subscription fee within the first 30 days. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Here's what our current subscribers have to say


  • "People behind the scenes and their work ethic and availability to answer questions and build out things that we the users ask for."

  • "I was able to duplicate edge across numerous products by having confidence in the ability to manage dozens of indications at once."

  • "An order management system that utilizes custom entries and exits allowing a trader with edge to duplicate that edge"

  • "I am so intrigued with your product. I would say that at least once a day the thought crosses my mind that I wished there was a system that could help automate my trade plan... and I almost died when I came across you on Twitter."

  • " be able to put in orders that have multiple profit targets and a stoploss all in one order is so amazing!!"

We asked our users to take a survey about Trade Unafraid. These are some of our favorite responses.How would you describe Trade Unafraid to another trader?- TU is an interface to quickly fill orders at the best price, with the best strike option, with filters based on thestrat pattern candles and FTFC rules. All this is on demand just for a trade or automatically repeated. Target profits and stop losses are based on either candles magnitude, ATR, candles trail, etc.
- It’s a sophisticated trading platform
- Allows traders to establish preset conditions that will trigger trade entry and exit.
- An opportunity to use automation to attack your trading weaknesses, so you can focus on your strengths - even as a discretionary trader
- A tool, that if you allow it, will help you to become a more consistent trader.
- Position Management and Trade Automation
- A tool that helps manage (enter/exit) multiple positions (stock/options) based on user-defined criteria.
- A much faster, modern trading platform with automation and great fills
- Beautiful and sophisticated order management system that utilizes automated custom entries and exits allowing a trader with edge to duplicate that edge.
- it is the best tool to go in and out of your trades within (mili)seconds!
- It is a tool that can be used to safely automate trades per your strategy
What made you decide to pay for Trade Unafraid?
- It has unique features which help manage trades easily and quickly
- I could see the potential to automate some trading functions.
- If used with discipline, the software pays for itself every month by eliminating losses
- I saw the value in what was being built. I saw how dedicated the people behind the scenes are in developing something that can be customized to nearly all traders.
- TheStrat, Work Orders, Option Filters, TP and SL automation
- Good fills, fast and many options for entry/exit with future changes likely to keep improving
- I was one of the first traders with trade unafraid and the support is awesome! Besides that there is no other tool in the world that do the same
- Was interested to see if it could do all of what I want. Was very interested in the ability to easily manage several trades simultaneously.
- Keeping up with manual entries and exits requires more attention that I was able to give
What, if anything, has exceeded your expectations?
- It’s sophistication
- The helpful feedback from Ethan, Lee, and the TU discord community
- People behind the scenes and their work ethic and availability to answer questions and build out things that we the users ask for.
- The Trade Unafraid team
- The constant and fast willingness of staff to improve the product
- Ethan Solomon, the lead developer, is a friend for life. He has all the attributes and the demeanor to be a household name in the retail trading sector.
- all my requests at the beginning of our conversations where added into the tool.
- The TU culture
- The efficiency that is offered
What was one unexpected benefit you experienced with Trade Unafraid?
- automatically choosing best option strategy
- Great support
- Better understanding of automated trading.
- The community!
- Access to developers
- Ability to control multiple plans (flatten, pause, cancel)
- I love the Tradier experience and I legit pay ZERO commissions on listed options in exchange for a $10/month subscription at Tradier.
- the mental gamechanger. You can add stoplosses at the beginning of your trade (this helps to automatically goes out of your trade). The same todo it on charts with options (on the underlying chart). This gold!
- Front run and work orders
- The community
What would you tell someone who is considering Trade Unafraid?
- Try it. The automation brings a new component to trading
- Try it for at least one month. You will ask yourself, why would I ever go back?
- Give it a shot, you might be surprised how well it helps you.
- Nothing better for serious equity stock and option traders
- If you have edge, Lee's Machine will allow you to duplicate yourself.
- Just do it!!
Please rate your overall experience with Trade Unafraid.
- 3
- 5
- 3
- 4
- 5
- 5
- 3
- 5
- 4
- 5
- 3
- 5
- (Overall: 4.17)

Click here to watch our presentation at The Money Show.


Cheaper than an employee, never takes a break

Trade Unafraid is a SaaS product.We provide traders with an unprecedented trading platform that focuses on the needs of the retail trader looking for trading success and peace of mind. We’re your answer whether you’re a seasoned pro looking to catch more opportunities or if you’re a new or struggling trader wanting to finally achieve your trading goals and improve your life.Trade Unafraid is like having a trading assistant, meaning you can trade in a more relaxed manner, avoid costly losses, protect winners from becoming losers, and profit from more trading opportunities. Imagine if OCO Brackets and trailing stops actually worked the way you wanted them to. That's what it's like to trade with Trade Unafraid.And we don’t just talk about helping you meet your trading goals using Trade Unafraid. We go above and beyond to walk the talk as we guarantee your success. We do that through our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.30-Day Money-Back Guarantee: In 30 days, if you don’t clearly see the path to a new trading career for yourself using Trade Unafraid, we’ll give you your money back.Trade Unafraid costs $2950 per year.This is what you get with Trade Unafraid:Pillar #1. Trade Unafraid Software:Access to the most powerful -- and unexpectedly unique -- trading platform on the market. You see, Wall Street brokerages provide the software that’s convenient for them. The only innovations Wall Street provides retail traders are trailing stops (and we all know how lame those are) and OCO brackets (like performing brain surgery with a rusty axe).Trade Unafraid is based on thinking way outside the Wall Street box. It is made by engineers who trade (or traders who code, if you prefer). It provides features far beyond anything that Wall Street would even consider offering you. Using Trade Unafraid, you will have software working for you to monitor markets tick-by-tick, catch additional opportunities, manage more positions, and methodically transform your very human knee-jerk emotional responses into a disciplined plan of attack.Pillar #2. Direct Access to Lee and his team:This includes email access, group coaching, and even one-on-one’s when warranted, where you can get support and solve any challenge that you have while using Trade Unafraid. Meaning you will have the founder of this software and his team in your back pocket so you never have a chance to get stuck inside the tool.Pillar #3. Trade Unafraid Community:This includes an invitation to our member-only private Discord channel. Meaning you can use this to meet, learn from and connect with other traders just like you working to improve their trading results.This also includes access to the Trade Plan Vault, where other Trade Unafraid traders have shared the Trade Plans that work for them. You can import these Trade Plans into your Trade Unafraid server and trade their way. Of course, you can do this by paper trading before putting real money on the line.

Trade Unafraid Alerts


per month

  • Catch more setups without staring at charts

  • Includes most Trade Unafraid setups and filters

  • Watches dozens of charts for you

  • Get alerts via multiple channels

  • Alerts only -- not a trading platform

  • Requires a free Tradier brokerage account for live quotes

Trade Unafraid Monthly MOST POPULAR


per month

  • The next generation trading platform

  • All updates as they are released

  • Lifetime Price Protection - Your rate will not change for the life of your subscription

  • No-Questions-Asked 30-day Money-Back Guarantee

  • Requires a Tradier brokerage account for trading. Use this link for commission-free trading (even for options) for $10 per month flat fee.

Trade Unafraid Annual


per month

  • Everything in monthly

  • No-Questions-Asked 30-day Money-Back Guarantee

  • Two months free

  • Save 17%

  • Requires a Tradier brokerage account for trading. Use this link for commission-free trading (even for options) for $10 per month flat fee.

If you have a coupon code, you can click the link in the lower-left on the checkout page to enter it.

Frequently Asked Questions


If your question is not answered here, please contact us at support at

How is this different from ThinkorSwim, Interactive Brokers, Robinhood, etc.?

Other trading platforms are designed around the order types that the exchanges accept. Conventional platforms help a lot with research, scanning, charting, etc., but they are simply a pass-through to the exchange when it comes to trading.Trade Unafraid is focused on adding value to the simplistic order management offered by the exchange. It uses the power of software to let you do the things that other software just doesn't want to deal with.If you want a 1-minute candle trail as your stop, we move your stops when those candles close. If you want to exit an option position based on something the underlying stock price does, we watch for that and place the order instantly.Trade Unafraid uses soft orders to perform its Dynamic Position Management, meaning that you will never have a conflict, no matter how many different orders you have place simultaneously. If you've ever had to modify a stop order so that you could take a partial profit, then you understand how conflicting orders can complicate your trading. The exchange and your broker would never accept these conflicting orders, but Trade Unafraid manages them for you. Just click a button, and all the juggling is handled at the speed of software, rather than manual mouse clicks.

Why is Trade Unafraid so expensive?

Is it?If you are able to trade more positions, is it expensive?If you can trade with less stress and less decision fatigue, is it expensive?If you can stop worrying about discipline and taking losses when you should, is it expensive?If you can be infinitely patient and stop missing setups, because the software does the waiting and watching for you, is it expensive?We believe that Trade Unafraid can pay for itself many times over with added patience, discipline, and opportunities, and with reduced stress, fatigue, and hopium.

Why do I have to open an account at Tradier?

We launched with Tradier, and it's the only brokerage we support at the moment. We have plans to expand our capabilities broadly.

Is Tradier any good?

In a word, absolutely.One of our users, a former floor trader, was extremely dubious and did his own investigation of Tradier. He found that they actually grew out of a firm that he knew and trusted. Not only that, he has been very happy with them. And he loves (as do the rest of us) the commission-free trading for a flat $10 monthly fee.

Why pay when I get my broker's trading platform for free?

As mentioned above, your broker's trading platform has real value to offer. They do research and charting that Trade Unafraid cannot.But they cannot do the things Trade Unafraid does in managing your positions. They are not purpose-built to be your trading assistant. Their platform is designed to be like a clerk, taking your order and passing it along to the exchange. Trade Unafraid is your trading wingman, working with you, alongside you, to execute your pre-defined Trade Plan without you having to click the mouse.There is nothing wrong with trading manually, and we make that easier for you than they do, as well. But there's also no shame in using more advanced tools to accomplish more. Surgeons do it. Craftsman do it. Why not traders?

Is Trade Unafraid secure?

Trade Unafraid has been built with security as a top priority. From end to end, the system is architected to keep your account and your server safe.The Trade Unafraid team trades our own money using exactly the same hardware and software as our users.

Does this give me edge?

It gives you a technological trading edge.Your orders are coming from a server near the exchange, so they arrive quickly.Your orders are placed at the speed of software, not human reflexes.Your position is managed using a variety of tactics that allow you to react to price action and changing market conditions that are difficult or impossible to do by hand.Your server can watch for dozens of setups at once.Your server can manage dozens of positions at once.With a well-designed Trade Plan, you will keep your losses small, protect your gains, and adapt to market conditions dynamically.

What If I don’t have any experience?

You need some kind of strategy or outlook on the market, because you have to decide what you want to trade, under what circumstances, and what your profit and risk parameters are.But even a very inexperienced trader can make use of Trade Unafraid to execute quickly and precisely. You can literally enter, manage, and exit a trade without touching your computer throughout.

What do I need to use Trade Unafraid?

You need an account at Tradier brokerage. Register through that link to get commission-free trading for a flat $10 per month.You need a Trade Unafraid server (see button below).You need a computer with any modern browser to connect to your personal Trade Unafraid server.

Where can I get training on how to use Trade Unafraid?

Documentation can be found here.There are training videos on our YouTube channel, with more to come. Be sure to check our playlists.Our Discord server is open to all users. It is a great place to get help, ask questions, learn from others, and even install Trade Plans shared by other traders.Read our blog posts at will also be providing live training sessions in the very near future.

How do I know this will work for me?

We use the same product you do. Our trades are posted on our blog and in our videos. Not every trade is a winner. That's the way it goes with trading.What you can count on from us is an unwavering commitment to create the most innovative and effective trading platform available, as well as a very responsive dedication to fixing bugs and adding new, awesome features as quickly as possible.

How much does this cost?

Your subscription to Trade Unafraid supports our on-going improvements to the product's powerful capabilities. The subscription price is currently $295 per month or $2950 per year (a savings of $590 for the year).Your Tradier brokerage fee is an additional $10 per month, which gives you unlimited commission-free trading. You can choose to pay commissions and not pay the $10 flat monthly fee.

Can I get a refund?

Yes! Take a month and try us out. If you are not convinced that Trade Unafraid can pay for itself, contact us at support at within the first 30 days, and we will refund your purchase.In addition, there are no contracts. You are free to cancel your subscription at any time.

Who is Trade Unafraid?

About Us

How Trade Unafraid was BornHi, I’m Lee Grey. You can find me on Linkedin at’ve been trading actively since 1998. I took the Optionetics course and immediately saw an opportunity to write software to make selection of option spreads a software task, rather than a manual one. That became Option Insight, a program that was downloaded tens of thousands of times.I was working around the clock, working on cockpit display software during the day, building Option Insight until 2-3 in the morning, and taking care of my infant second daughter across the hall from my office during those long nights.I tried to make Option Insight a commercial success, and about 100 loyal users sent me checks, amounting to about $10,000, in anticipation of a more complete product. Unfortunately, I was never able to raise enough money to quit my job, so I never cashed those checks.Being a software engineer, there was always a nagging annoyance that the software we use to trade is so limited. There were times when I needed to step away from the computer or go to a meeting, but my choices for how to leave my position were so limited. Trailing stops always disappoint me. Why can't I place a trailing stop based on a candle low? OCO brackets are equally coarse tools and require a lot of work to set up. Just because a broker won’t let you place contradictory orders, that doesn’t mean that your software can’t. I knew it, and I kept asking myself why no one offered it.And one day in 2017, I just decided enough was enough. I had written multiple automated trading systems using multiple brokerage APIs, so I knew what was possible. So I set out to create the tool that I couldn’t find anywhere. Whether Gandhi actually said it or not, there is nothing wrong with the idea of being the change you want to see in the world.And so, Trade Unafraid was born. At first it was written in Python and ran on my computer. But today, it runs in the cloud, on your own private server, and is written in Java. It is rich and fast and incredibly powerful and flexible. The list of features continues to grow. And we are just getting started. The best is yet to come.There is so much exciting functionality coming that I can’t even talk about. We are all about giving the retail trader the edge that Wall Street has deprived them of for all these years. You don’t have to be a programmer to trade at algorithmic speeds. You don’t have to be limited by the simplistic order types (market, limit, stop, stop-limit, OCO, and trail) that Wall Street products want to restrict you to. You don’t have to accept the Wall Street expectation that 95% of retail traders fail. You don’t have to succumb to the tools and mindset that leads to traders blowing out their accounts. Those stories are everywhere, and it’s enough. No more hopium. No more holding on to what isn’t working. No more doubling-down "because it can’t go any lower."The retail trader now has an ally, a wingman, a tool that works for them.Trade Unafraid is on your side. (Sorry Nationwide.)

This is not your father's trading software.
Next Generation Trading Software.
The future of trading is here.

Packed with cutting-edge features

Give your trading a technological edge that makes you a patient and disciplined trader... effortlessly.

Make Trading Easier

Take the issues of discipline and trading psychology off the table.Patience is free and easy.No more missed opportunities, because Trade Unafraid tirelessly watches your charts for your setups.

Trade With a Wingman

Like no other trading software, Trade Unafraid is by your side, looking out for you, watching the charts, watching your positions, according to your parameters.You remain in control, but your trading software is working for you and with you to enhance your results.

Power-Assisted Trading

Whether you use code-free automation, powerful manual trading controls, or a combination of both, you have never traded with such ease.And with so few mouse clicks!Accomplish your tasks with less effort, because Trade Unafraid was designed by traders for traders.

Ever Vigilant

Once you set up a Trade Plan, Trade Unafraid goes to work, watching the market, tick-by-tick, looking for your setup to trigger.Once in a trade, Trade Unafraid monitors every tick, looking for your Trade Plan tactics to trigger, whether to take a profit or exit.You always have full control to pause, change, or delete any tactic. You can also add new tactics at any time.

Everything is a Trade Plan

Whether you let an automated setup get you into a trade or you choose to enter manually, your position is always managed within the context of a Trade Plan.This means you have configured tactics working alongside you, protecting your account from devastating losses.

Trade Like a Boss...

Trade Unafraid allows users to share and import Trade Plans. This means a beginning trader can import a seasoned trader's Trade Plan and put it to work in their own account.It also means traders can collaborate on Trade Plans, sharing, tweaking, and enhancing to produce the best results.

Order Softly

You may be wondering how Trade Unafraid can do this. Part of our magic is in soft orders.When you place a limit or stop order, that is transmitted to the exchange, and that order is present in the order book. In some cases, we use these resting orders.In other situations, since Trade Unafraid is watching tick-by-tick, we manage internal soft orders known only to Trade Unafraid. This means no stop hunting. And infinite agility.You can have multiple contradictory orders that the exchange doesn't know about, but Trade Unafraid does, because they are soft orders.This is where much of Trade Unafraid's power comes from, and you will only find it here.

Unheard of Manual Controls

Thanks to soft orders, Trade Unafraid lets you do things you can't do with any other trading platform.Let's say you own 100 shares of XYZ, and you've got an OCO bracket to take a profit at 110 or a loss at 95. Now, XYZ gets to 107 and seems to be reaching exhaustion, so you decide you'd like to take some profit on 50 shares.What do you have to do in any other trading platform? You have to cancel or edit your OCO bracket, because your position is already fully spoken for by your existing order. You cannot sell 50 without reducing your existing order to free up those 50 shares.In a fast market, this can be stressful. And it's always a hassle. Too much actions to do something simple.In Trade Unafraid, you just click a button to close 50% of your position. (Or 25%. Or 10%. Or 317 option contracts. Whatever you like.) Any orders, resting or soft, will adjust to your action.Your Trade Plan keeps on going, adapting to the new situation.

A Multitude of Other Features

Repeating Trade Plans
Once a trade has closed, you can have the Trade Plan go away. Or you can have the Trade Plan automatically reset and start looking for the next matching setup. Or you can have it remain available but unarmed, allowing you to arm it or simply enter manually.
Worked Orders
Trade Unafraid can work an order to try to get you price improvement. You specify how aggressive you want to be. Sit on the bid, or move toward the market. You can treat entries and exits differently. You can treat targets and stops differently. Is there anything we haven't thought of?
Saved Trade Plans
You will undoubtedly have Trade Plans that you want to reuse. You can give them a name and save them to use over and over. You can make tweaks to either overwrite or save as variations.
And you can share your Trade Plans with others, as well as import other shared Trade Plans into your environment. (And then tweak them to suit your style.)Analytics
Trade Unafraid never forgets. All your trades are stored along with the Trade Plan configuration. You can export all the details as a CSV file for use in Excel. And we have some sophisticated graphical analysis coming out very soon.

There's a reason why Tony Stark
puts on his Iron Man suit before
fighting super villains.
It's the same reason that you don't
want to jump into the markets
against well-equipped hedge funds
while puttering around in the under-
powered trading software that they want you to use!
Trade Unafraid equips you with the
weapons and defenses you need to
compete and win!

You're in!

Welcome to Trade Unafraid!

What happens next?

Check your inbox for two emails. One will be from Okta, which is how you create your account to access your server. The other will be from Trade Unafraid, providing you with the link required to access your personal server.

Happy Trading!

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Welcome to Trade Unafraid Alerts!

What happens next?

Check your inbox for two emails. One will be from Okta, which is how you create your account to access your server. The other will be from Trade Unafraid Alerts, providing you with the link required to access your personal server.

Happy Trading!

Why does my stop loss just sit there?!