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What's Included

Trade Unafraid is more than just the most advanced trading platform available. It's also a community of like-minded traders. It's also a collection of pre-defined Trade Plans to get you off on the right foot. It's also our stellar customer service.

  • Your own private server -- This gives you full use of the machine's memory, CPU, and network bandwidth, low latency, and the best security.

  • The Trade Unafraid trading platform -- Trade Plan-oriented software that can execute fully automated, manually, or anywhere in between. Includes the most powerful strip of manual-control buttons available, a wide variety of trade setups, option contract selection, setup filters, multiple entry tactics, nearly a dozen exit tactics, tolerance for contradictory orders, and Dynamic Position Management.

  • Access to the Trade Unafraid team -- We are incredibly open to feature requests, responsive to support requests, and actively engaged in the community. We are not just software developers. We are also active traders and users of Trade Unafraid.

  • Membership in the Trade Unafraid Discord Community -- We have some of the most active, interesting, intelligent, and curious traders in our community. They are always experimenting with the best ways to make use of Trade Unafraid. It is a positive environment with humor, encouragement, and comraderie.

  • Access to the Trade Plan Vault (just getting started) -- Users are able to share their Trade Plan Templates with the community. Shared templates can be imported onto your server and traded as your own. There is no better way to get started quickly and trade while you learn. You are free to tweak and customize any template you import.

  • Continuous Updates -- We are literally adding new features to Trade Unafraid weekly. As a subscriber, you always have access to the latest version and all the new, powerful capabilities. We are just getting started, and there are many exciting capabilities in the works. No matter what we add to the base product, your subscription will give you access to those new features.

  • Lifetime Price Protection -- For as long as you remain a subscriber, your monthly subscription rate will be locked in and never changed.

With all the features, with all the benefits, and with all the value, it is easy to see how Trade Unafraid can pay for itself. Whether it's in reduced losses, enhanced gains, the ability to trade more setups than you could do manually, the enhanced discipline, the reduced stress, the reaction speed of software, the ease of manual orders, or some combination of all of the above, the trading edge you gain can more than make up for the small monthly investment.

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