Is dollar-cost averaging the “holy grail” of trading?

Have you ever owned a stock that went down, and, rather than taking the loss and closing the position, you doubled down by buying more, figuring it can’t go any lower?

How did that work out?

I don’t ask that to be smug.  It’s not a rhetorical question.  Sometimes that move works out for you.

It’s definitely risky.  It can be scary.  It can keep you up at night.

But it can work out in your favor.

Still, when it does work out, you know you got lucky.  You know you dodged a bullet.  And you know you did something undisciplined, right?

Unless you dub it dollar-cost averaging, right?  Dollar-cost averaging is a “respectable” strategy, as opposed to doubling down which is considered recklessly adding on to a losing trade.  (Doubling down is the ugly step-cousin of dollar-cost averaging.)

The problem with dollar-cost averaging, though, is that it could require you to have unlimited cash in order to keep doing it.  And who has that?

What if I told you there is a way to methodically, mathematically do something similar to dollar-cost averaging that doesn’t require infinite cash?  You can predefine the amount of money you want to dedicate to a position, never take a loss, and continue to improve your position as the market moves, no matter how it moves?  You get all the benefits with a strategic plan, with discipline, and with defined risk.

This system does not require you to accurately predict the future.  It works no matter what the market does.  It’s math, not prediction.  And, in my experience, it leads to the best returns of any type of investing or trading that I have ever done.

Not only that, but it’s the easiest, most stress-free, and fun money I have ever put into the markets.

I have closed 256 intense trades in the past three and a half months: options spreads, futures day trades, long options, short options… and none of that complexity has even come close to the returns I’ve made using the SAG Method I have described above.  The complex trades are entertaining and exciting, but the SAG Method builds wealth.

I am creating a course to teach you exactly how to invest with the SAG Method instead of succumbing to stop losses.  If you would like to know more, just fill out the form below.  Do it before you take another stop loss.