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We love this product, Trade Unafraid, because it is awesome. We use it. We love to use it. We love how much our users love it.


If you are a person of vision, passion, and action, we need you.

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Tradier Brokerage

Founder and CEO of Grey Matter, LLC, Lee Grey wished for a platform that would help him prepare strategies and execute them efficiently, so he built one: Trade Unafraid. 

Trade Unafraid is for the trader who wants to execute plans with precision and without strategy-killing emotion. It helps you form your strategy, then executes it automatically, leaving you to relax on autopilot.

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"I am so intrigued with your product. I would say that at least once a day the thought crosses my mind that I wished there was a system that could help automate my trade plan... and I almost died when I came across you on Twitter."

"...to be able to put in orders that have multiple profit targets and a stoploss all in one order entry.......it is so amazing!!"

Trade Unafraid


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