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Welcome to Trade Unafraid

Are you disappointed with your trading results?
Have losses got you down?
Are you afraid to invest your hard-earned money in such volatile markets?

We understand. We've been there.

There is a better way to protect and grow your nest egg

No predictions

We don’t make money by predicting the future price of anything.  We make money without having to be right about the future.

No losses

We don’t lose money when we are wrong.  The fact is, we are never wrong, because we never pick a direction.  We never sell at a loss.  We don’t even use stop losses.

No worries

Do you worry about what the market will do tomorrow?  Does volatility threaten your gains or put you at risk of selling at a loss?  We don’t care what the market does.

Great returns

We average 1-2% income on our portfolio balance every month.  Our worst month returns 0%.  That’s as bad as it gets.  That’s well over 10% per year without losses.

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