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Former CBOE and NASDAQ market maker, Dan Bones, talks about trading and his experience with Trade Unafraid.

Boost Your Trading Results With

Dynamic Position Management,

Your Unexpected Trading Edge

Do you trade with a meaningful, specific, detailed trading plan?

Most traders think that if they use an OCO bracket order with their reward being some multiple of their risk, that is a trade plan.

But that is nowhere near enough.
Not if you want to trade like a pro.
And if you want the trading returns of a pro.

You need a trade plan that includes contingencies, what-if scenarios, and the all-too-common curveballs that the market throws at you.

Here’s a really simple example:
What if price misses your profit target by one tick and then starts to fall away? Are you going to let that near-miss go all the way down to your original stop? Does your trade plan include that scenario?

Or what if your trade is humming along and then it all of a sudden reverses hard? Do you simply ignore that apparent reversal just because it’s in the middle of your OCO bracket? Do you defiantly stick to your bracket as the tide turns against you?

Even if your trade plan includes more details than most,
are you able to adhere to it?
Are your rules that clear and specific?
Are you able to monitor the trade that closely?
Does your trading software give you the
agility to react and adjust fast enough?
Can you manage multiple positions at the same time?

Trade Unafraid is the ally you need to compete, survive, and thrive in highly competitive markets. Trade Unafraid levels the playing field, giving you the unique tools you need to succeed like a pro.
Or two.
Or more.

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Trade. Unafraid.

Up until today, your trade orders have been confined to market, stop, and limit orders. The most radical thing your broker provides you is OCO brackets.  Yes, they even let you place a trailing stop, but how often does that work out in your favor?

What if you used a trading platform that actually gave you the power to place "conflicting" orders that enabled you to manage a position in a way that worked for you rather than your broker?

That platform is available today, and it is called Trade Unafraid.

Watch Trade Unafraid in action

In this video, Trade Unafraid executes two live trades concurrently.  You can see the trader take control and adjust the Trade Plans in real-time.  These trades could have played out completely hands-off, but in this case, the trader took some actions based on his outlook.  The power of trading on autopilot, following a predefined Trade Plan, with the ability to take the stick and manually adjust, is the best of both worlds.  This is the power of "bionic trading," the best of man and machine at once, to maximize gains and minimize risk.

Trade with more control.  And more controls.

Why you need Dynamic Position Management

Whether you are scalping, day trading, or swing trading, things change during the life of your trade. You'd like to be able to protect your position, minimize your risk, maximize your gains, adapt to changing market conditions, and still have a life.

  • Create a real Trade Plan

  • Have your Trade Plan followed without emotion or hesitation

  • Switch from autopilot to manual control any time you choose

  • How it works

    Trading with discipline should be easy (though it never has been), and that's exactly how it is with Trade Unafraid.

    Set up your Trade Plan

    You configure your setup, your entry tactics, and whatever exit tactics you choose, such as simple stop loss, candle trails, and profit targets.  The are plenty of tactics already, and the are more on the way.

    Your Trade Plan is followed exactly

    Trade Unafraid watches every tick in the market and reacts instantly and emotionlessly, following your Trade Plan with perfect discipline.

    Override when you choose to

    If you change your mind about something in your Trade Plan, you have the ability to modify your parameters. You can also take manual control to cancel orders, modify orders, or create new orders at any time.

    Awesome power with the Trade Plan Bar

    While in a trade, you have the ability to add to your position using market or limit orders.  You also have the ability to place closing orders, using either market or limit orders.

    Use the Flatten button to close your entire position. Use the Close Now button and its accompanying quantity field to exit a portion of your position at any time.

    Use the Close Pct buttons to close some percentage of your position. The percentages are based on your original position, so each click of 10% will close the same quantity.

    There is no more dynamic, flexible, and stress-free trading platform available.

    Unlimited Adaptability

    You know how it takes some work with typical trading software to do something as simple as reducing your stop order quantity, so that you can take a partial profit? And if it's a trailing stop, then you end up starting the trailing over, because the change to the order resets it? Or maybe you have to cancel the order completely and start from scratch.

    All of these things are handled automatically and dynamically with Trade Unafraid. Say you've got target orders out there, but you want to take a partial profit right now. Just click the button to do it, and the software adapts. Your existing profit targets are adjusted to reflect your updated position.

    Trade Unafraid never has a conflicting order, because it is always aware of your current position and adjusts everything on the fly.

    Your edge in both trading and peace of mind

    Trade Unafraid is unique in that you can have multiple active orders at the same time. You can exit based on a candle trail on the underlying, or a stop loss on your option position, or if your winner is about to turn into a loser.

    Your broker would look at these and reject them, because your orders are conflicting or represent a greater quantity than your current position.

    You can have profit target orders at various levels, stops for an overall loss limit, a five-minute candle trailing stop, and a green-to-red candle reversal, all active at the same time.

    And then you can click a button to close 25% of your position, and everything will adjust instantly. Your stops will still close the right quantity, your targets will adjust to accommodate your reduced position, etc.

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